Faux Fidget Cube Review

Faux Fidget Cube Review


Have you seen the fidget cube yet?  This little fidget toy had a huge following on Kickstarter with an initial goal of $15,000.  Antsy Labs raised $6.4 million dollars with over 150,000 backers, needless to say their idea was a hit. According to their Kickstarter page, the first fidget cubes were due to be released in December 2016 but there were production delays. In the meantime, many faux fidget cubes were being sold.

My daughter learned about them from a classmate at school and really wanted one.  She tends to fidget with things in her hands and the price at the time on Amazon was only $4.05 which included free shipping so I bought her 3 different ones from different vendors.  

Faux Fidget Cube Review

Faux Fidget Cube Review

A short video review that I made to show you variation in the features:

Faux Fidget Cube Video Review

Please disregard the green mark on my hand, my preschooler loves getting her hand stamped and gave me a snowman stamp this morning =).

The cubes came in similar but slightly different boxes and although they look fairly similar there are differences between the different cubes such as:

Spin: Some of the spin dials are hard to spin and may get stuck


Flip: Light switch feel and the sound of the click really varies by cube.  Some switches may feel quite loose and others need a little more pressure to make it click


Glide: The joystick on some of them may pop off and some of them will click when you push it down.  


Click:  There are 5 buttons on one side, 3 are supposed to make noises when you click them and 2 are supposed to be silent.  The different cubes have different clicks, feel and sound to each of them, some may get stuck.  Some cubes have a feature where you press it and it stays in until you press it again and it pops out.


Roll: Tracking ball & gears will vary in how smoothly it moves and if the gears click much


Rub: Worry stone is the side with the slight dip in it which will vary from stone to stone and is supposed to help ease anxiety. My husband and daughter don’t do anything with that side so no real feedback there.


Wrist strap: One of the cubes came with a little wrist strap that you can loop through the corner of the cube.


My daughter likes them all for various reasons and shares them with her friends during the day.  She gave my husband one that she bought with her own money and he really enjoyed it.  He tends to fidget with a pen when he’s at his desk so he enjoyed using the fidget cube.  


This little gadget does draw a lot of attention and other kids and co-workers were drawn to it and wanted to test it out.  We had four faux fidget cubes and my husband had the best one but he lost it.  He enjoyed using it but doesn’t want me to replace it.


My daughter said that she likes them and that one of them broke apart but was put back together.  At the $4.05 price point she would give it 4 stars and recommends it.  I’m not much of a fidgeter, but I thought it was a clever little gadget for those that do like to fidget.  


I poured over various reviews on Amazon as the sellers that I purchased from are no longer listed.  Here’s a listing for ones with some solid reviews however the pricing varies based on what color you are getting and also whenever the seller decides to change the pricing.

I recommend this gadget even if it’s priced at $15 if it helps you or someone you love to curb a bad habit such as biting nails, pulling/twisting hair, doing something else that is disruptive.

A word of caution I will give you is that some cubes are louder than others. Therefore, if the clicking elements on the cube that you purchase is loud, you may drive the person sitting next to you crazy.  With that said, this may be a fun little gift for the person that has everything.


Do you have a fidget cube?  If so, what do you think?  Are there any other gadgets that you would recommend?  If so, please comment below, I would love to hear from you.


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4 thoughts on “Faux Fidget Cube Review

  1. Jim M

    I have been considering these for my autistic son. He loves little repetitive motions and hand gestures, tapping and shaking, so it was on my mind. I had heard about the potential jamming, noises, and breakage of the fake cubes and I hesitated purchasing. But at this price, perhaps a couple to test out will be a smart purchase after all.

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Kat | Striving Mamas Post author

    Hi Jim! These little cubes are fun and even with the jamming on one cube and the joy stick breaking on the other, there are so many options of things to do that it’s still useful. I agree at this price point, it’s worth checking out. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Liz

    Great review, Kat! Someone I went to school with used to bite the skin around her nails obsessively – when you looked at her hands it was kinda… scary. Something like this would have been perfect for her! I can also see my niece and nephew loving these 🙂

    1. Kat | Striving Mamas Post author

      Hi Liz! You just described me when I was younger – I had that terrible habit of biting the skin around my nails when I was stressed and didn’t even realize I was doing it until it hurt. I think a fidget cube would’ve been helpful to have something to mindlessly fiddle with, rather than tear up my poor fingers. Your niece and nephew would probably get a kick out of it =). Thank you so much for your comment!


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