Guest post on Don’t Hide It Flaunt It

I am over at Don’t Hide It Flaunt It today with a guest post entitled, “Sharing the Lows, Celebrating the Highs”. The reason that I’m writing about this on their website is because they’re a big part of the reason that I started blogging!  Please check out my guest blog post and the rest of their amazing website while you are over there.

100% of all book royalties will be donated to Don’t Hide It Flaunt It (DHIFI) from today through Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016.

To show my support for the wonderful work that they do, I am donating all royalties from my book Autism with HEART (kindle version and newly released paperback) to DHIFI from today through Sunday. DHIFI is a non profit organization, they go into schools with a goal of teaching both self-acceptance and empathy in a classroom environment. This is such an important lesson for all children to learn.  Thank you DHIFI for the incredible work that you do!


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