Hey you farted!

Earlier this year we were at Costco and my son looked at my husband and said, “Hey you farted!”  Of course there happened to be an older gentleman walking by that smiled politely at us.  My husband looks at me and we start cracking up.

Tim started saying this a few months ago because his classmates at school said that to him every time he farted.  So now wherever we are, when he farts he turns to whoever he is with and says, “Hey you farted!”

My son doesn’t speak much and when he does, he usually mumbles.  If someone doesn’t know him well, they wouldn’t understand what he was saying.   Of course when he says, “Hey you farted!”, its in a crystal clear voice which others can understand.

My husband doesn’t embarrass easily but I do.  I am still embarrassed when he does this but I’m not mortified like I used to be when he did similar things.  My daughter takes offense when he does this and tells him, “No I didn’t, that was you!”  I think Tim finds it funny when he offends his sister.

Sometimes those natural teenage behaviors show up.  I see a little smile on his face when he annoys his sister.  She sees it too and gets more annoyed with him which makes him smile even bigger — think cheshire cat smile.  That’s what I’m talking about.

Tim also burps, not a quiet little burp, I’m talking the belching kind that you can hear across the room.  It comes out of nowhere and has scared me out of my seat when I was driving him to school and he let a really loud one out.  Imagine that you’re driving along and out of nowhere a loud foghorn goes off – that’s what it’s like.

Kids say the darnedest things and it was easier to fly under the radar when he was younger.  However now that he is older, he is also louder.  Does your child do anything in public that embarrasses you?  Were you successful at extinguishing the behavior?  If so, please comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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