How a 30 Minute Clean Out Will Save Hours of Time


The holidays are over and all of my Christmas decorations have been put away, but still I felt a bit overwhelmed with all of the stuff in my house.  Last weekend I started cleaning things out starting with my girls’ closet because I had just started a load of laundry for them with a ton of new clothes that they received as gifts.

Don’t you hate it when you go to put away your laundry and you find that your dresser is overflowing?  Somehow you manage to get everything into the drawers, but the next day comes and you need to dig for something that you want to wear and you mess that drawer up and now there is no hope to find what you’re looking for.  Imagine this times 5 people and this is where I go insane.

To cure my insanity, I went through and pulled out clothes that:

  1. Don’t fit = never worn and taking precious drawer/closet space
  2. Don’t like = ditto above so why am I keeping it?
  3. Looks old = sometimes worn and I would make a mental note to get rid of it every time I saw it.

All of these extra clothes were taking up physical space in the closet/drawer as well as mental space in my head from the overwhelm of seeing this stuff everywhere.  Doing a clean out allows all of your favorite items, which you feel your best in, to be front and center for you to wear.  These items will also have less likelihood of being wrinkled since they won’t be crammed in among a bunch of things that you never want to wear anyway.

I need to go through my kids’ clothes twice as often as I go through my own as they are still growing so we are constantly shifting sizes.  They will have clothes that are a little big in there as well as things that fit them well and items they’ve outgrown.  This leads to absolute chaos if I don’t go through periodic clean outs of their closets.

I rarely buy my kids clothes, I usually wait for their birthdays or Christmas because really, how much clothes does one kid need?  However, the closets and drawers don’t just hold the everyday clothes. It holds school uniforms, dance outfits, jerseys, swimwear, etc.  Keeping a handle on what I buy lessens the amount of stuff that I need to maintain.

I was talking to one of my friends and I mentioned that I just did a big clean out and she commented that “you’re always cleaning out your house”.  Guilty as charged!  I do clean out my house often because when I start to see more things laying around the house it starts to bother me because it makes my clean up time take longer which takes away from my free time.

For instance, I LOVE my Roomba – let me introduce you to her, her name is Charlotte.  And Charlotte works her butt off in this house every day, sometimes multiple times a day.  Well in order for me to let Charlotte get to work, I need to pick everything up off the floor or I will hear Charlotte’s battle cry (“move Roomba to a new location”).  The more stuff that has accumulated in the main areas of the house, the longer it takes me to pick it up so Charlotte can do her thing.

My husband told me to buy a Roomba when we moved because our old house was a ranch style and our new home is a 2 story and would be more work to maintain.  I didn’t buy one right away due to the price and also because I thought it would be a hassle to pick things up before I ran it.  Boy, was I wrong, this thing is AMAZING. I rarely pulled out the old vacuum cleaner but Charlotte gets run often and she cleans underneath chairs, the buffet console, the entryway cabinet and other places that I could never reach with my vacuum cleaner.  Who am I kidding?  I wouldn’t take my vacuum cleaner out that often and the dust bunnies were having a field day under there.

Now when I empty Charlotte, I am amazed and disgusted by what she picks up.  I mean I just ran her yesterday, how much can there be on the floor since then?  Apparently a lot when there are 5 people living here and therapists coming in and out every day.

Taking a little time each month to do a clean out saves me hours of frustration each month.  Do you do a post holiday clean out?  If so, what do you do?  Do you have a favorite cleaning tool like Charlotte?

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2 thoughts on “How a 30 Minute Clean Out Will Save Hours of Time

  1. Judith @ Property Cleaning

    Cleaning out the clothes that your kids don’t wear any more is the first thing that every housewife should do when it comes to cleaning out. It is also a good idea to separate the wardrobe on two – one for cold seasons and one for warm seasons, it is very helpful too!


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