Why Making Your Bed Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Why Making Your Bed Will Help You Reach Your GoalsDo you make your bed every morning?  I do now, but up until a few years ago I didn’t bother.  In fact, for years I shared my husband’s philosophy of not making the bed since it would be a mess again later that night.  I would of course make the bed when we were having company over and I loved the feeling I got every time I walked into our bedroom and saw the bed made.  Yet this wasn’t enough for me to start making my bed every day.

A habit is formed…

I don’t know when exactly it started, good and bad habits sometimes develop this way. Suddenly you find yourself doing something every day whether it is making your bed, buying your morning coffee, getting your morning workout in or having a night time snack.  You don’t know when it started, and in some cases, why you started, but you find yourself in a habit that you’ve created without even realizing it.

In her bestselling book “Happier at Home”, happiness researcher and author Gretchen Rubin discusses how “creating order gives a disproportionate energy boost and cheer” and that making their bed is something that people have tried most often and have found it to be helpful.

Why does such a simple task create such an impact on so many people?  The answer lies in its simplicity.  We have so much to do each day – children to take care of, work that needs to get done, groceries to buy, laundry that is piling up.  All of these things take time.  However, making the bed can be done in less than 2 minutes and the sense of satisfaction you get from it pays off in multiples.

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Multiple benefits to making your bed:

– Start off your day with a sense of accomplishment, a gold star for adults if you will, knowing that you’re starting your day off with a win, you’re off to tackle the rest of your day.

– Bring order to your bedroom, it’s amazing how this quick act of making the bed brings the whole room together.  Think of an unmade bed like a gift that has been unwrapped with the wrapping paper everywhere.  When you make your bed, you’re wrapping it up and preparing a gift for yourself by starting your day with intention.

– Shift your mindset – this small win first thing in the morning will jump start that positive “can do” mindset in your day versus a “do I have to” mindset which weighs you down.

– Instill a sense of peace, rather than disarray, into your bedroom.  When it’s time to go to bed that night, would you like to pull back the covers and slide into a made bed or into a rumpled one that you hopped out of that morning?  This adds to setting the tone for your evening of relaxation rather than feeling you’re running behind.

Why making your bed is the first step…

Looking back, I didn’t consciously think to myself, “Now that I’m making my bed every day, I can do ANYTHING!”  Instead, it made me wonder what else I was missing out on, what other simple things had I dismissed from my life but could bring so much happiness?  This simple shift in mindset started showing up in other areas of my life which on its own wasn’t a big deal, but cumulatively it would add up to a happier, more fulfilling life.

These little changes have helped me to create a life that I’m happy to live each day.  Yes, I have struggles that I have to work through every day but by taking action a few years ago, I have been able to slowly accomplish goals that I never would have thought possible.

I published a bestselling book and have given 100% of the royalties to non-profits that support special needs families and lost 15 pounds and am back to what I weighed when I graduated from high school. Most importantly, I have connected much more with my family and I’m teaching my children how to set goals for themselves and how to make time for what we want most in our lives.

What are you striving for?

If you had all the time in the world, is there something that you would like to accomplish?  Maybe learn how to play the piano or take dance lessons?  Get in better shape?  Create lasting traditions and have more quality time with your family? Are you so exhausted by everything that you have to do that you can’t even imagine what you would like to do?

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Do you make your bed each day?  I would love to hear your comments if you do or if you don’t. You can chat with me below.


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  1. Jean L

    I completely agree! I admit I don’t make my bed every morning, but on the mornings that I do, my whole day feels more pleasant.


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