Welcome to Striving Mamas!

Welcome to Striving Mamas

It’s nice to meet you…

Are you a busy mom with a never ending to do list?  You’re busy raising your kids, juggling a full schedule, managing your household (the laundry and dishes never seem to end).  Are you working towards a dream of yours?  Maybe building a business, writing a book or pursuing something that you love?  If you just read that and thought to yourself, “when would I possibly have time to pursue my dreams when I’m so busy keeping up with everything else that I need to do”?  Then you’re in the right place!  If you’re like me and spent years in this never ending cycle, then you may have even lost touch with your dreams.  I know I did.

I’m a busy mom just like you and I have found that by streamlining my home and life, I spend less time focusing on the daily stuff of life and more time on what I truly want to focus on – my family, friends, health and personal interests. Over the years I have met other moms that are doing incredible things – creating or running non-profit organizations, spending true quality time with their families, building businesses, finding the time to focus on their passion whether it is cooking, fitness, reading more, etc.

In my book, Autism with HEART, I give clear step by step instructions on how to streamline your life when you’re confronted with an autism diagnosis.  The book became an Amazon bestseller and the feedback that I got was that the topics that I wrote about in my book would help anyone that has a lot on their plate.  Writing this book was such a positive experience as I am a productivity junkie.  I love listening to podcasts and reading books on productivity, implementing new things in my own life and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

Years after my son was diagnosed with autism, I was still so overwhelmed with everything I had to do each day and caring for our young daughter as well.  I remember thinking that someday I would have a handle on my life and be able to think of something other than getting through my to do list and all that needed to be done each day.  Somehow I thought that things would shift and I would have things figured out “one day”.

Figuring things out…

Slowly I realized that if I spent some time sitting down and really figuring out what I needed to do each day, I could create routines in my life to simplify my day.  By implementing one well thought out routine, you can eliminate a thousand hard decisions.  Let me explain, you know you’re going to brush your teeth every morning, right?  You don’t have to think – should I or shouldn’t I brush my teeth this morning? You just do it because you decided a long time ago that it was something that you do automatically.  This eliminates any decisions related to brushing your teeth every morning.

Imagine if you took this same line of thinking and applied it to something else, let’s say…exercise.  For argument’s sake, let’s presume that you want to get some exercise in each week but are having a hard time deciding what to do, when to do it and for how long.  You could do it at the end of the day, but you feel wiped out.  You could do it in the morning, but you don’t want to wake up early.  Maybe on the weekend but then you never seem to have enough time on the weekend.  Sound about right?

This was the train of thought that has gone through my head for years.  Exercise is something that I know is important, and I want to do it for myself and also as a model for my children yet I was not consistently doing it.  That is until a Fitbit fell into my lap, you can read about that here if you’re interested.  Once I got the Fitbit and saw how sedentary I really was, I couldn’t hide behind the make believe active self that I had in my mind.  Denial, oh yeah.

Shifting my thinking…

With the Fitbit as my new measuring stick for how active I really am, it opened my eyes to opportunities to get my steps in.  For instance, I take my youngest to speech twice a week and I’m the only one in the waiting room with no one else around.  As soon as she goes into her speech session, I exercise right there in the waiting room.  I march around the room, do dance steps (grapevine and the electric slide – oh yes I do!), yoga poses, squats – you name it.

I decided that instead of reading a book or fiddling on my phone after she went in, I would workout for 30 minutes and then I could do something else until she was done.  This way the decision was already made about when I would exercise and for how long.  There was nothing to think about because this was my routine so I just did it.  Each time that I did it, it reinforced the routine for me as I felt good afterwards and had logged a ton of steps on my Fitbit.

What you can expect…

Whether you are old or new to my blog, I welcome you and hope that you enjoy the new format and resources that have been created.  There are many new features but there are two that I’m really excited about.  The first is the free resource library which has checklists and printables that are free for Striving Mamas readers to download.  My hope is that these items will help you streamline your life and assist you as you strive for your goals.  This is what I have used to streamline my own life and to make steady progress on my goals.  I will continue to add things that I hope will benefit you in setting and progressing towards your goals.

If you’re a current subscriber to my blog, you will have received the password to the resource library in your newsletter.  If you’re not a subscriber and would like to access the resource library, please subscribe (it’s free!) and you will receive a confirmation email with the password and can immediately download whatever you’re interested in.

My goal is to create a new download each month, I currently have 8 items in the resource library so with 10 more months to go, I should have 18 items in the resource library by the end of the year.  Y’all can hold me accountable ;)!

When I sent out my 1 minute quiz last month, the topic that garnered the most votes was reviews on different products and services to simplify your life and personal stories.  You also voted for vacation ideas, how to save money, how to handle the everyday stuff of life so you have more time and home organization ideas.

Thus, the second new blog feature is the shop which has my personal recommendations for different products that I use and I will be adding reviews soon related to how I use these items and why I love them.  I also have some upcoming posts on how to save money which is a topic that I’m passionate about but have never written about here before.

The last feature that I wanted to mention is the instagram feed at the bottom of the website.  Often I would come across a quote that will just stick with me for the day.  My hope is that you find daily inspiration in the positive quotes that I share here.

Please take a look around and let me know what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts!  Would you like to download checklists and printables designed to simplify your life so you can strive for your goals?  Get access to my FREE resource library here.


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