Would you like to exercise but don’t have time?

Would you like to exercise but don't have timeLast year (actually every year) I wanted to lose weight but I didn’t have time to work out each day.   I felt like I barely had enough time to do everything that was currently on my plate, how was I going to fit in a regular workout?  I’ve also never been one to count calories. My husband, on the other hand, monitors his daily calorie intake and even tracks it on his phone!  I kid you not.  After having 3 kids, the weight crept up on me over time, just a few pounds with each kid.  Well those pounds added up to me wearing several jeans sizes larger and feeling pretty sluggish most of the time. Sound familiar?

Little Changes…

My husband gave me a Fitbit (I am not affiliated with Fitbit) in March 2015 and it CHANGED MY LIFE.  Now I knew exactly how many steps I was taking each day.  With 3 kids, I always felt like I was running around especially since my youngest isn’t in school yet.  The Fitbit showed me that I was getting in less than 7,000 steps per day.

Fitbit sets the standard goal at 10,000 steps per day and you can edit this goal to suit your needs.  I thought if this is what they felt was an average goal for someone then I needed to figure out how to get my steps in.

I started walking when I took my daughter to volleyball instead of sitting down.  We went on more family walks and I still wasn’t regularly meeting my FitBit goal.  I felt like I was failing even though I was getting in more daily steps than I ever did.  I decided to lower the step goal to 8,000 steps since that was a little more than I did before.

A few months later the pounds started dropping off.  From there I gradually increased my step goal over time to 10,500 steps.  It’s funny how moving more gives you more energy.

That lead to a greater life…

I notice that when I consistently hit my step goal, I have more energy and I also sleep better at night.  I had shifted my mindset from looking at getting my steps in as exercise, to looking at it as a basic part of my life.

Here’s what you do:

1.  Get a step tracker.   You can get an inexpensive step tracker, anything that will count your steps.  A lot of times you can catch them on sale or find them at a discount retailer.

2.  If your step tracker doesn’t keep track of your daily steps, write down the number of steps you took each day.  Fitbit will do this for you so you can look back and see how many steps you took daily, weekly and even over the lifetime that you had it.

3.  Talk to your doctor and get their recommendation on how many steps you should be taking on a daily basis.  Let your doctor know how many steps you are currently taking so they can help you set a target goal for YOU.

4.  Look at your calendar and find opportunities for when you can do some walking.  You may need to think outside the box here and be creative.  Start walking!

5.  As you start reaching your step goal, consider raising it by 500 steps.  You will find ways to get more steps in such as parking a little farther from the store.  You could go walking with a friend instead of going for coffee, or even picking up around the house.

This way it will be easy for you to hit your step goal AND you will have walked almost 2 extra miles in a week.  On average 1 mile equals 2,000 steps so with 500 extra steps each day this will add up to about 91 extra miles in a year.  Now you’re talking or should I say walking?

Do you have a simple tip to start exercising more?  If so, please share, I’m always looking for new ways to get moving. Would you like to download checklists and printables designed to simplify your life so you can strive for your goals?  Get access to my FREE resource library here.


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